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“Your Comeback Story Starts Here.”

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Create Together LLC

We are a Person to Person Marketing Company

Client: Nick Vujicic

Content Marketing Strategy | Social Media | Content Creation

Stand For Life 30:34

A podcast collaboration project with pro-life movement.

Economic War 47:45

A post-production pilot project for Nick’s new talk show

Rise Above Bullying Campaign 2:29

A short promo for Nick’s anti-bullying campaign broadcasted to dozens of schools across Texas.

Client: Craig Greiwe

This project consisted of the following:

  • Content Strategy
  • Full 3-cam set productioon
  • Post-production
  • Social Media Content Management

What we are doing with GateCity

My team and I have been brought in as the official Communications and Marketing team. We have started a reels initiative and repurposing content into youtube shorts. Depending on the audience persona, we target specific platforms and people through they selected clips.

Content worth sharing and engaging with for existing followers as well as noon followers.
20k+ accounts reached on IG alone, dconsidering our reels initiative started shortly before this
Curatd and edited content from a full length service

The Results

“By far the best team I’ve ever worked with. Gus truly took the time to understand our audience and needs to engage with them.”

– Danny (Owner)

Our Social Media Organic Growth with Awarded Local Restaurant in Burbank, CA.

When we started the account on Instagram alone only had a little under 1,200. With h18 months, of personally engaging with customers, c creating engaging content, and an experience for customers, Cafe de Olla has reached more than 12k through our efforts.


Organic Social media growth in only 18 months


Of social media post.


Social media growth starting from 1,200

A brief scope of the project proposal for Good Landing Recovery.

We’re Create Together LLC, a creative agency located in the thriving city of Lawrenceville. We pride ourselves on developing unique and professional content marketing strategies with a wide variety of content creation.

Additional Social Media Add-On Options
  • Create and grow GLR TikTok account to 20,000+ following in 4-6 weeks through the use of one of the influencer marketing of a Create Together team member with 1mil+ followers.
  • This is an optional add-on as a one-off project. For more info, please request by contacting Gus.
Social Media Management
  • Respond to the audience with GLR voice and heart
  • Engage in real-time with audience
  • Manage incoming inquiries and questions
  • Post-production edits and selection of existing GLR content
  • Repurpose and edit footage for their corresponding social media platform
Content Creation
  • Create beautifully crafted posts for GLR
  • Content that will invite the audience into the story
  • Reels & Post Content
Content Strategy
  • Audit existing content posted and evaluate the most engaged.
  • Strategize according the GLR’s ICP (Ideal Customer Persona)
  • Re-evaluate KPI’s every quarter.

Create Together LLC

Create Together LLC

Create Together LLC

Create Together LLC

Create Together LLC

Person to Person Marketing

Person to Person Marketing

Person to Person Marketing

Person to Person Marketing

Person to Person Marketing

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